Sarah Childs

Sarah is passionate about community music and loves working with young people.  She has over ten years music teaching experience in primary schools and is a registered teacher with the Victorian Institute of Teaching. 
Throughout her career she has had the pleasure of creating and facilitating a large variety of children's percussion and instrumental ensembles as well as choirs and whole school productions.
Sarah's forte is composing fun music for young people. She loves exploring music and rhythms from different cultures and draws upon these influences in her own compositions.
She works with children to develop their confidence, self expression, ability to be part of a team and play together (no matter skill level, previous experience or talent).
She is committed to young people having the opportunity to play, learn and feel valued within a community.
She has created and facilitated various community music projects throughout her career raising money and making a difference to children in countries such as Philipines and Vietnam.  For an example of the work she did with local charity 'Seconds to Give' please click the following link..
Everyone deserves music
Sarah plays a variety of instruments including piano, guitar and singing, however her main instruments are saxophone (alto and baritone) and pitched and non-pitched percussion.
In her spare time, she loves playing the saxophone in her local community orchestra Orkestra Glasso Bashalde.